Each guy only needs 4 belts in his closet, ever. Even though I always say that your pants should go without a belt - they are still a must-have because the pants move as you wear them and the belts help break an outfit. One would think that the belts would be simple and this article and the video should be a long sentence. Unfortunately, I constantly see guys cracking the bed in the belt section. So let's fix it. Here are the best casual dresses and belts for men and other tips and tricks you should know.
Best Leather Belts


Most guys wear only belts as utility items to keep their pants from falling. True, a belt is for that, but there are other reasons to wear a belt.

You want your pants to reach a certain part of your waist, depending on whether it's jeans or dress pants. During your day, you will be standing, sitting and moving - this will pull and pull on your shirt and pants, making them move. A belt ensures that they stay in their place.
A belt is needed to break some of your outfits, especially with outfits without a suit. Suppose you wear a sports blazer / jacket with a dress shirt, dark jeans and oxford dress shoes, you will definitely need a belt to break your abdominal outfit. People who go without a belt in these outfits ... ugh.
.To hold your pants as they lose, not because they are already loose. Thank you for wearing tight pants!


I have a family in Texas (they are actually my parents) and they take belt buckles very seriously - what everyone should do! All you will need is a variation of the standard belt buckle with a single square frame and a brooch - no matter if they are casual or dressy belts. There is absolutely no reason to have anything else - NEVER.

If you have another type of belt buckle, and you are not a cowboy, sheriff, rodeo jumper or shower bag, replace them immediately. I vomit a little in my mouth when I see guys wearing those horrible frame-shaped belt buckles like the guy downstairs. Whatever you do, please, do not be that guy!


You need a dark brown and black leather belt with a simple, thin and silver belt buckle. Also, should absolutely be great. A matte belt like a dress girdle is a no-no. It looks like a matte belt looks like a dress belt in my photo below!


You want the width to stay as close as possible to 1.5 ", all that is wider will be larger and considered more casual.Something thinner is a belt or a feminine fashion and it is not that that we are going to do here, even though the width is only slightly less than that of a casual belt, it makes a huge difference in appearance.Compare this image of a guy wearing a wider belt like a dress girdle by compared to the image of my model.night and day, to my eyes, even if it's only a difference of about half an inch.


You only want leather, but if you are opposed to leather, then get a leather replacement strap. You want the luxurious look of leather that goes with your dresses.


Just like the dress belt, you will need a black and brown leather belt, each with a silver buckle. This is where the curls can be slightly thicker, but not much. Gold loops may be allowed if you really, really need gold, but this may conflict with some of your outfits or accessories, so I like to stay simple and avoid gold all together. In addition, regarding the texture or finish of the belt, you want to avoid super bright belts. Shiny / polished belts = dress belts. Most casual leather belts will be painted or have a texture or will be matt. This and the width of the belt is the way you determine if a belt is dressed or casual.


Have your casual belt somewhere between 1 3/4 - 2 "wide - nothing more than that is too wide and does not seem out of place - thinner than it looks more like a dress girdle. Best Leather Belt


You can go with leather belts, fabric or canvas. Personally, I think you should stick to the leather until you are ready to go out and become more adventurous with your belts. That way, your casual belts will work no matter the time of year or outfit.

Be careful not to have a belt too bright - like a dress belt. They should be more boring. I see a lot of guys making this mistake. Look at the differences between my dress and the belt recommendations below to see the difference between gloss and matte.